Wednesday 30 December 2020

Book Review of 'The Secret of the Haunted Mirror' by M.V.Carey.

One of my last reads of 2020 is this fabulous novel by M.V.Carey featuring The Three Investigators. I enjoyed reading this novel as much as all the other in the series. Although they are considered to be kiddie books, I have always maintained that the series is as good for adults as any other. 

The story is full of adventure, danger and suspense, not to mention a scary but brilliant 'ghost' in an ancient mirror, some political tension in a faraway country and of course, some history. 

Jupiter surpasses himself in his investigation, especially in the scene where he uncovers a hidden passage in the library and the 'ghost'. Pete keeps up his athletic proficiency, while Bob is not left behind with the crucial research which provides crucial answers to some questions. The scenes where they use a bakery truck and the driver Henry's assistance to outwit the kidnappers and rescue Jeff, is great fun to read. 

Rating it 4.7 out of 5. Is my review useful? Do follow my blog for more.

May the coming year bless you all with more books to devour. Happy New Year and Happy reading, readers!


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