Sunday 6 December 2020

Book Review of 'Lifeline' by Chetan Maheshwari

The first thing that intrigued me about the book was the blurb that mentioned corporate politics. I thought it would be good to read this genre and the book has done justice to the theme.

Teesha and Akhil's love story progresses smoothly, while intertwined with their corporate lives. Rati's challenges in raising a child as a single mom, while juggling her work schedules and an app launch, may be relatable to working moms. 

The hard toil and long working hours that go into the elusive chase for success are enumerated well. The story captures the struggles of hapless individuals caught in the web of political corporate victimization. 

The narration is simple, straight-forward and easy to read. Although the overall editing throughout the book could have been a lot more sharp, readers will be able to follow the narration and story easily.

There are strong messages and considerable learnings related to entrepreneurship, in the storyline. The challenges and multiple monetary/work considerations are enumerated well.

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Happy reading, readers.


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