Tuesday 29 December 2020

Book Review of 'Mystery of the Urban Monks' by Vikram Singh

This is a different kind of book, from most stories I've read before. It is a combination of spiritually, adventure, danger and enlightenment.

The stories of Khris, Tony and Asif are different in their experiences but same in the learning  - the perils of straying too far from our roots. The story is interspersed with ample dialogues that take it forward and give it a realistic feel. The episode of the ride with the aghori baba is fun to read and Tashi's betrayal is painful. 

Some parts could have been more elaborate, like the scene of the plane hijack that changed the protagonists returning from Goa. The psychic prediction is an interesting twist. 

The story has some disturbing situations. Tony's search for Dorjee is endearing , but  his blind love for the Tibetan beauty Tashi is predictably idiotic, especially when we realize that he conveniently forgets to invite his own family, even his own father, for his fancy Tibetan wedding. It showcases the utter ungratefulness of new, foolish love. Asif's journey could have been more elaborate, especially since his initiation to the dogma by Qasi is a little too blase to be fully convincing. And I definitely wanted to learn more of how his runaway escapade with Henna ultimately ended, after what happens to them. 

It is a short, different and good read, the ending is unpredictable. I rate it 4.0 out of 5.

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Happy reading, readers! 


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