Thursday 24 December 2020

Book Review of 'The Mystery of the Fiery Eye - The Three Investigators' by Alfred Hitchcock

This is yet another fabulous read of the year. Also, my other two ensuing ones authored by Alfred Hitchcock, namely the mysteries of the Silver Spider and the Talking Skull by Robert Arthur were excellent reads. The only disappointment was the Trail of Terror by M.V.Carey.

Alfred Hitchcock weaves his delightful magic again in the Fiery Eye story. The narrative grabs attention from the word go and sustains it till the last page. 

A letter with an 'August' hidden message, a set of statuette-busts of famous 'Octavian' Americans and a large ruby - the Fiery Eye - set the pace of the story. Jupiter's brilliant deductions vie with outwitting multiple groups of things to decide numerous puzzling clues and finally unearth the treasure. 

Although most answers in the puzzle are predictable, the danger, adventure, capture and escapades add on a good thrill to the storyline. As always, there is quite a bit of learning for readers. The Indian connection adds intrigue to the narrative. 

A good, light read in between hardcore thrillers. Rating it 4.8 out of 5.

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Happy reading, readers! 


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