Friday 17 February 2017

Dark Rose - A Poem

A love without a ruthless dart. 


When love without purpose
trespasses into a clueless heart
that knows no better,
it is but a dark thorny rose
that pierces like a ruthless dart
wrapped in a scented letter...


Tuesday 14 February 2017

White Blooms

I trudged ahead in the morning mist,
mile after dreary mile;
Despite the bite of winter's fist,
these blooms did make me smile...
                                                                                                              - ©Chethana

Early one morning, in December, I pulled myself out of bed to squeeze a walk into my busy (and boring) schedule. I almost missed these lovely blooms and doubled back to get a better look. And then, of course, out came my phone...and this simple memory remains in their enchanting beauty forever.