Saturday 29 December 2018

Smoky Kiss - A Poem.

Ghosts of the past,
sigh in smoky bliss;

Hot moments cease to last,
as crimson flames fizzle & hiss;

Misty illusions are cast,
locked in a sinful kiss...

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Erotic Chaos - A Poem.

Erratic heartbeats flutter
in breathless precipice
of capricious immensity.

Melodramatic feelings mutter
& glow in mind's edifice
in calm intensity.

Erotic sighs utter
a radiant song of bliss,
in chaos of captivity.


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Winter - A Poem

Twilight skies
sprinkle silver snow,
embraced by frozen leaves;

Stark beauty smiles
in winter glow,
to brighten desolate eves.


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Dialogue with Nature - A Poem.

Embrace the distant horizon,
when the mind is filled with fog;

Entangle perplexing puzzles in aversion,
as intellectual obstruction does unclog;

Engage the cloak of thought in abandon
with wondrous nature in deep dialogue.