Sunday 31 May 2020

You & Me : A Poem

We are two halves of a dream

You, the ravenous river
rushing across plains of life
falling blissfully over rocky hurdles
& reaching my delta in triumph.

And I, the opulent ocean
forever awaiting your essence,
washing my sentient shores
in waves of eternal patience.

Thursday 28 May 2020

Breathe : A Poem

~ Breathe

Breathe to survive
in cold places
you go
to drown in,
& stay alive.

Breathe to revive
in warm spaces
you seek
to smother in
& still thrive.

Breathe, to thrive.
You are alive.

Little Lost Dragons

Gusts of gale
warm crevices
windows shiver
doors bang shut
distant thunder
a pretense

wild droplets,
little lost dragons
sing a poem

Steps out, she
lets skin
brash waters
cold stings
of reality

She Finds Catharsis: A Poem

It wasn't love, no.

a mere intrusion
to peace
veiled as flight
higher & higher
her wings flew
& broke
in sheer exhaustion.

she let go
with each inch
of long descent
welcoming earth
violent pain
numbing relief!

in bare elements
she finds

The Day Can Wait : A Poem

Hypnotic kisses
eternal sighs
lingering whispers last
till nosy sun peeks
thru' curtain chinks
onto languid eyelids
early in the morning

a lazy smile
a silken rustle
of half-waking
a cozy return
to warm arms

The day can wait.

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Doors : A Poem

From prying eyes
I conceal my beauty
Bohemian is my soul
tho' caged l may be

You shroud my body
but can never
restrain my mind
under shackles
of lock & key

of my thoughts
shall forever
remain free!

I open old doors
of my sensuality
to rewrite new hues
of my destiny

Submerge: A Poem

Some latent dreams
hide the deepest desires.
         Some silent screams
         submerge the fiercest fires.

Free : A Poem

~ free

Rapturous beauty
she, a hived off

A world of mystery
& promises ecstasy

Sheathed in misery
she yearns
a mystic glee

Caged by luxury
she craves
to be set free

~ relationship stories

Monday 25 May 2020

Book Review: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

I had penned a short story a long time ago, based on the Kafkaesque theme, named 'Lair, Lair, Claps for hire'That still didn’t prepare me well enough for the twisted brilliance of the master storyteller.
When one reads Kafka, one is mentally prepared for the surreal, the disturbing and the unacceptable. Kakfa takes us on a journey where the willing suspension of disbelief acquires new meaning, goes a few steps further and leaves us feeling moved, frustrated and helpless. At the risk of revealing the spoiler, I must add that this is not a happy fantasy story, with the denouement of all’s well that ends well.
One must always expect the unexpected from Kafka. The theme of existentialism is not new to readers of today. Samuel Becket ensured that we got a good dose of absurdity while ‘Waiting’ for Godot, so much so, that we are almost oxymoronically comfortable with the idea of existentialist woes. This was perhaps owing to the shock factor that Kafka had already provided to readers with his earlier works.
A man turning into a giant insect may be hard to fathom, until Kafka sucks the reader right in, from the word go. The detailed descriptions makes the reader glad that he wasn’t born as an insect. The heart aches when the good old insect converses with his family with perfectly logical arguments, only to have them scoff and detest him without comprehension of his language of beetle communication.
What really caught my attention was the fact that Gregor Samsa is actualy worried about missing his train and tries to plan catching the next one. He worries about the debts that need to be paid off to his employer, the samples of cloth that need to be delivered, etc. And all the reader thinks is: For God’s sake man, you are an insect now! Can’t you see that you have bigger problems to worry about?
Samsa’s immediate train of thoughts after turning into a beetle, are a symbolic reflection of modern minds that are so intensely tuned into mindless routines that they fail to realize that all is lost, even after the apocalypse has already occurred!
What can be more reflective of this irony that the current times, where the world is practically locked down by the Corona scare?
The brilliance of the story lies in showcasing the wastefulness of the kind of lives we lead today. Chasing the wrong dreams founded in materialism, with existences that are dreadfully clocked to the last second.
Perhaps the most painful part of the novella is when the brutal reality of human lives is revealed towards the end. Man, being the incredible social creature that he is, finds it incredibly easy to move on, when he is forced to encounter the pressing hardships of livelihood. Kafka unapologetically exposes us to the shocking truth: A family member rendered useless, or worse, a disgusting embarrassment is easier to be rid of than a dead loved one. This reality is brought out so seamlessly and with such effectiveness that one may not even realize it until one mulls on the deep hypocrisy of human nature.
The effect is more pronounced because the language is simple, the narrative unassuming and incredibly, the bizarre story is convincing.
What made it worse for me as the eternally positive reader was that I waited and waited for things to change for the better, for things to get back to normal. I was convinced till the end that Gregor Samsa would just wake up from a bad dream. All’s well that ends well? Not with Kafka.
A tip: Do not read the book if you are going through a bad phase in life. It might just make you feel worse.
Did you find my review useful? Do let me know in the comments section below.
Happy reading, stay safe!

She : A Poem

~ She

Sometimes a Goddess
who spoils him with care
Other times, an Empress
who demands her share

Few times, a Sorceress
who conjures her spell
Most times, a Protectress
who nurtures his shell

By day, a Temptress
who seduces his soul
By night, a Tigress
who swallows him whole

Sunday 24 May 2020

Passionate Spar : A Poem

Quiescent needs
start to smolder,
unsatiated wants
begin to char;

Searing desires
make them bolder
& engulf them
in a passionate spar

Saturday 23 May 2020

Of Us : A Poem

If only

we could forget
the wind song
that laments
the tune of us

the twist of sunset
that drags in
ocean's call
in the twilight of us

the regret
of moon's tears
arched across the
ribbon sky of us

Friday 22 May 2020

Twilight of Us : A Poem

Stormy days
bring a shiver
secret love
destined to die

Wind song
lilts in quiver
raging petals
reach the sky

Strange sufferings
a flowing river
of cruel darts,
every lie

Garish sun
becomes a sliver
twilight of us
sings goodbye

Thursday 21 May 2020

Devouring Flames : A Poem

My eyes await you
in waking dreams
my love, return to me

Memories of you
are riding hurricanes
that assault me

I found you
again, in silent
reflections around me

Enchanting echoes of you
as devouring flames,
breathe with me.

Taut : A Poem

Withering breaths
fire the kiln
of taut senses
from burns
of betrayal.

Wildflower eyes,
empty pools
of spent sorrow
into blurred
days of erasure.

Weary heart
loses reek of
tireless tears,
into fragrance
of poignant peace.

Fruits to Reap - A Poem Quote

Always be aware
of the stealth
of maladies deep.

Take immense care
of your mental health
& physical upkeep.

Your toils will bear
triumphs in wealth
of fruits to reap.

#MotivationalQuotes #positive #positivity #PositiveVibes #positivequotes #mentalhealth

Confidence, Modesty, Strength

To know that you
deserve the pedestal
is Confidence.

To remember that you may
topple down from it anytime,
is Modesty.

To realize that the rise or fall
makes no difference to your
growth whatsoever,
is Strength.

~ Life stories.

I Await You : A Poem

Where are you?
I await you..

An orange orb
sank into
waiting arms
of his horizon
in scarlet hue

A raging river
dove into
welcoming depths
of his ocean
of delightful blue

A laden cloud
emptied onto
whorling grooves
of his earth
in joys anew

Where are you?
I still await you...

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Dream catcher : A Poem

In bemused splendor
a beguiled dreamcatcher
savours springtime
majesty in shadows
as drift of seasons
welcome blessings
of frondescence
as inflorescent blooms,
beyond blurred days
of bared earth tones

Monday 18 May 2020

Prove them Right : A Quote

When people below you taunt you,
it's their desperation - bcz they
can never reach your level!

When people above you mock you,
it's their apprehension - bcz you'll
overtake them soon!

Keep surging ahead & prove them Both right!

#positive #PositiveVibes  #motivational h

Synergy : A Poem

To err may be human
but to change is invaluable;
Banish behavior inhuman
& retain traits valuable.

Radiate positive energy
in short journey of life;
Sustain healthy synergy
& stay free from strife.

#poem #QuarantineQuotes #PositiveVibes #mantrasforhappylife

Moonlit Rapture: A Poem

Spellbinding kisses devour
lips in savage capture
Incandescent wildflower
eyes dewy in moonlit rapture

Soothing touches scour
heart, a wounded pasture
Knowing smile exudes power
soul heals each buried fracture

Kiss Frowns Away : A Poem

Do not tame my wild
my love, I am not docile
Now a mother, then a child
my moods are volatile

Rugged voyage or mild
I go the extra mile,
relish wonders beguiled
& abandon things futile

Rain or shine, I stay
& make life worthwhile
Every frown I kiss away
& win a treasured smile

Turmoil : A Poem

Immersed in the turbulent toil,
the sprouts of youth do fly.

Embedded deep in life’s soil,
are seeds of forgotten joy.

Threaded in epicenters of turmoil,
the foliage of woes comply.

Faith : A Poem


           At times, one tragic event,
        a single failure or betrayal
    is more than enough
to shatter it completely.

Sometimes, a single ascent,
     of success or upheaval,
          would suffice enough
                to build it constantly.

~ Life stories.

Saturday 16 May 2020

Enrich your Life - A Poem Quote

Notice the small joys 
along your path, 
that add on little by little
to substantially enhance 
your whole day.

Remember the small triumphs
along your journey, 
that add on little by little
to immensely enrich 
your whole life.

#positive #positivity #Motivation
Photo: Chethana.

Imperfections - A Quote

#MyPhotography #nature #NaturePhotography
Let us own our little 

imperfections with pride, 

for they highlight 

our perfections more.


Photo: Chethana

Dignity - A Poem

Look into my eyes,
do you witness
the power of my dignity?

You'll find no disguise
or camouflage
in my entity.

Your sham & lies,
only avouch
your lost sanity.

I smirk at your guise
with contempt
& amused hilarity.

image: dreamstime

Revel in your Sunshine - A Poem

The lesser time you spend on haters, the more time they waste on you. Revel in your sunny shine while they wither away in their own dark hue.

Image: Google

Associations of Life

Most of the time, we make the mistake of blaming 'life' for our problems, when the actual problems are the people we associate with. Cease the wrong associations, watch life improve.

It is true that we are not alwyas responsible for who are associated with us. We are forced to deal with different kinds of people during varied phases of our lives. Then again, our reaction to them, how we perceive our relationship with them comes to the fore. How and what we choose to imbibe from such associations defines who we are.

Choose to imbibe the good, enriching ones and consciously choose to repel what is not worthy of assimilation into our mental, behavioural and emotional faculties


Soft : A Poem

Cloudy skies
may churn their rage
on the water, but I choose
to remember, the sands
still stay soft under my
seeking toes.

Image: pinterest

Thursday 14 May 2020

My own, I own : A Poem

My own beauty
I own
to showcase,
your ugly.

My own sheild
I weild,
to slaughter
your savagery.

My own charm
I unleash
to destroy
your toxicity.

My own fire
I rage
to annihilate
your animosity.

My own power
I possess
to pulverize
your entity.


Angel or Devil : A Poem.

Syrup on your waffle
when u treat me nice
Angel during scuffle
but Devil to your vice!

Chilli in your belly
when you scar my soul
Beware who you unleash,
the woman or the ghoul!

Profuse are my layers
when I really care,
an answer to your prayers
or your worst nightmare!

Image: pinterest

Lady Viking : A Poem

Behold me,
a Lady Viking
In petite swagger
my limbs I spring

Strife I see
shoulders I swing
my tongue, a dagger
& melodies I sing

A potent bee
without a wing
My darts in anger
carry a sharp sting.

I set myself free
not a single string
I grow stronger
as a queen to my king.
Image: pinterest

Wednesday 13 May 2020

Liquid Sunshine - A Poem

Liquid sunshine
is an embrace 
of solace,
takes my solitide
from barren stone 
of my soul
into gentle
wings of desire.

In sweet surrender 
I imbibe within me, 
brand new dreams
alighting to fill
background of 
voidable spaces,
where something
is broken & charred
in deep crevices
of my heart.

Image: dreamstime

Friday 8 May 2020

Symbiosis - A Poem

Some people are like trees. They
stand strong against gusts of
criticism, storms of hatred
& tempests of malice.

Some others are like creepers.
They need to cling to trees
to survive & shine in the
reflected glory of the
trees that support
& sustain them.

If you are the tree,
refrain from negativity
offer positive energy
to the ones who need
the light you feed
to their soul, from thee.

If you are the creeper
don't be a mere seeker,
refrain from absorption
of venomous potions
that leave your soul darker.
Filter, before you go deeper.

Sometimes, a creeper
most times, a tree.
Sometimes a seeker
of what sets me free;
Many times, a reaper
of power within me.
Weaker or stronger
I let myself be.

Like me, is none other
I'm unique, I am Me.

~ Life stories.


Wednesday 6 May 2020

Set Yourself Free - A Shape Poem.

Let go of the human lessons.
Let go of the humans
Let go of the
Let go of...
Let go!
Let g
Love the
Love the feel
Love the feeling
Love the feeling of free
Love the feeling of freedom!
Life stories.

I have tried to recreate the time frame that the process of letting go, takes in our lives.
Why is it so hard for some of us to let people go? We know that they hurt us, maligned us, destroyed our peace of mind and deserve no more place in our life or mind.
While it is relatively easy to remove them from life sometimes (especially on Social Media, all one has to do is to Block them), removing them from the mind is a different matter altogether.
Some of us who are more sensitive than the others, find it harder to be rid of their memories, especially the ghastly ones. How does one stop replying the hurt over and over like a horror movie on the screen of the mind?
Time. Time is the greatest healer. Give yourself time. Allow yourself to grieve.
But not too much! They are not worthy of too much grief, if they have been malicious in hurting you.

Keep yourself busy. Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute.
The scenes do replay in the head, keep pushing them away and force the smile on the face.
After sometime, it becomes habitual and a part of your routine. And then one day, when you smile, you realize that you are finally free. The memories do not hurt any more!
And you'll love the feeling of being free, even more.
Irrespective of the period of Corona,
let's remember,
We all have just one life,
let's live it fully.
The world is more beautiful,
when we are free.
The air seems more fresh,
when we set ourselves free.

Sunday 3 May 2020

Embrace of Solace - A Poem

I crave
an embrace
of solace
as gentle wings
of desire
take my solitude
to singe my veins.
I stand
& breathe sadness
as love succumbs
to the test of time.
I whisper
your name
in memory of
yesterday's tears.
I hope
a subtle stir
arises for me
in the barren stone
of your heart.

image: pinterest

Saturday 2 May 2020

Barbs - A Quote

The more the achievements
in life, the more the insults
faced, frustrations borne,
failures endured.
The actual success was
about how they handled the
barbs of the world, in failures.

Faint stirrings - A Poem

In melancholy light
I await your return
No escape or respite
from the silvery burn
Faint stirrings take flight
a tender touch l yearn
Scarlet peeves alight
with memories to unlearn
Mocking moon, sky auburn
in a brewing blight
Raging zephyrs twist & turn
with no solace in sight