Wednesday 6 May 2020

Set Yourself Free - A Shape Poem.

Let go of the human lessons.
Let go of the humans
Let go of the
Let go of...
Let go!
Let g
Love the
Love the feel
Love the feeling
Love the feeling of free
Love the feeling of freedom!
Life stories.

I have tried to recreate the time frame that the process of letting go, takes in our lives.
Why is it so hard for some of us to let people go? We know that they hurt us, maligned us, destroyed our peace of mind and deserve no more place in our life or mind.
While it is relatively easy to remove them from life sometimes (especially on Social Media, all one has to do is to Block them), removing them from the mind is a different matter altogether.
Some of us who are more sensitive than the others, find it harder to be rid of their memories, especially the ghastly ones. How does one stop replying the hurt over and over like a horror movie on the screen of the mind?
Time. Time is the greatest healer. Give yourself time. Allow yourself to grieve.
But not too much! They are not worthy of too much grief, if they have been malicious in hurting you.

Keep yourself busy. Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute.
The scenes do replay in the head, keep pushing them away and force the smile on the face.
After sometime, it becomes habitual and a part of your routine. And then one day, when you smile, you realize that you are finally free. The memories do not hurt any more!
And you'll love the feeling of being free, even more.
Irrespective of the period of Corona,
let's remember,
We all have just one life,
let's live it fully.
The world is more beautiful,
when we are free.
The air seems more fresh,
when we set ourselves free.

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