Thursday 10 October 2019

Be Mine.

Be the lane
that shows me
the way.
Be the mist
where I lose myself

Be the cloudy alcove
that shields my woes.
Be the rain showers
that drench me with love.

Be the sunshine
that warms
the coldest corners
of my heart.

Be mine.
Be you,
the best you can be,
the only one for me.

You - A Reflection.

I shall never be like you
nor you like me.
We are too different
and yet similar enough:
you complement me.

You are never here,
but you're always
there for me.
Not as a shadow,
but as a presence
to rely on;
as a strength
to draw upon.

You're always there
when it truly matters.

You are mine,
as an epitome
of flawed perfection.

You are not
a dream come true,
but a flawless reflection
of my dreams.

Tuesday 8 October 2019


Weary eyes
of elusive sleep;
Rogue heart
insists on milking
the essence
of the night
the stars to stay
& clouds to pass
for the moon
to linger
until the first dawn
turns nocturnal
milky glows
into pale scarlet
for fleeting solace
of innate aches.

Poignant Nights.

Slivers of silver
slice inky blackness,
velvety silhouettes
amidst streaks of paleness.

In calculated calm
rays dispel darkness,
spawn a storm
soothing, yet ruthless.

Shimmer of beams
icy, yet powerless
to douse raging gleams
of fire within, relentless

Aching waits
long and endless
Poignant nights
cruel and callous.


Image: Pinterest.