Wednesday 29 April 2020

Influence - A Poem

No one is immune
to influence -
good or bad.

The bad is easier
to acquire & emulate. 

The good is harder
to sustain & regulate.
In the long run...
Acquiring the easier one
eventually leaves us
empty & sad.

Choosing the harder one
nourishes our virtues
natural & innate.

Conflicts of the Mind - A Quote

Most of our inner conflicts are
the result of the blurred lines
of ambiguity between the
perception of the good
& the bad: the blacks,
whites & inscrutable
greys of the mind.

Courage, Faith & Hope - A Poem.

When we run out of Courage,
we turn to Faith.

When the Faith weakens,
we rely on Hope.

When Hope subsides,
we trust in Love.

For as long as there is Love,
Courage, Faith & Hope
will stay in life.

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Ruthless Ripples - A Poem

He sensed
twilight time
slipping away, years of believing undulating untruths masquerading as love.
Her frondescence
in his arms...
ruthless ripples,
mere midnight
wasting away,
as time rattled
like bones
in the hourglass.

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Sunday 26 April 2020

Yesterday's Tears - A Poem.

My love seeks
a sign of you
in torturous twilight,
even as aromas
of inflorescent
blossoms &
the scent of rain
evoke memories
of yesterday's tears.

The shell of my fear
is whispering
your name,
in delicate twists
of my heart,
long after
my pleasures
have flown.

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Thursday 23 April 2020

Fate Whispers - A Poem

Loving you
in embers & flames
of twilight time,
even as my
courageous soul
grapples with
crumbled truths
emanating from
ruthless rhythms
of your mind.

Quiet tears shimmer
as shattered trust
seeks a sign of you.
Fate whispers,
'Tread softly,
everlasting love
does not exist.'

Reactions and Responses

The art of good communication
is knowing the difference
between a reaction
& a response.

A reaction is something that we give,  without thinking about the consequences that it may cause, especially the amount of negativity it may spread. It is the instinctive feeling that we express, after we hear or speak something.

A response is a well thought out reply, that is sheathed in diplomacy. It is well worded and usually comes after weighing the pros and cons of the situation.

In being aware of the difference and responding with care, lies the core of effective communication.


Paralyzed into Failure - A Quote

Most of our disappointments and
failures happen because we let
other people paralyze us into
the strong belief of our own
incapabilities in our lives.
Be the only one who gets to
decide your own achievements
and perception of failures, & the
subsequent successes in your life.

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Achieve - A Poem

Time is Precious.

There's so much to do,
much left to achieve;
Life is too short to waste
on what you don't believe.

Don't ruin it on those
who give no reprieve
to nonsense & hatred
that makes you grieve.

Let the envious drown
in taunting 
& vituperative gibes.
Soar on your own
by spreading
positive vibes.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Book Review : 'The Floating Opera' by John Barth

It’s been a while since I read a book with the theme of existential crisis. The last one was the famed one by Beckett, ‘Waiting for Godot.’ It took me longer to finish this one, because this is one of those books that inevitably makes one slow down and think, after reading every odd page.

The first thing one notices while reading the novel is the narrative style. The narrator talks to the reader, as if he is telling a story and keeps the reader involved throughout the book. The second thing is how unconventional the whole set up is, which intermingles with the existentialist theme. Also, it is mostly in flashback, going back to years ago, 17 years to be precise.
Another unique feature is how the narrator is able to separate himself from Todd Andrews, the protagonist, although both are one and the same person. And he starts off by telling us exactly what we can expect out of his style of narration. It’s as if he defies the reader to read, despite the lack of frills such as starting the story from the middle, like other authors do, to keep up the suspense. However, he does throw in the hook, when he mentions an important day.
There are spoilers right at the beginning, when Todd Andrews tells us that on a particular day, he decided to commit suicide. And we know that it failed because he lived to tell us the tale. However, we still want to know how he went about carrying out his act and how he managed to fail.
However, he fails to retain our interest for long periods of time, because in some places the lines go on and on without anything much happening. And just when one is about to doze off completely there is some redemption, with a new twist thrown in. The first one is the suicide, of course. The next one is the illicit relationship with his best friend’s wife. Barth has the knack of introducing the twists in the plot, in a casual manner, so much so, that one may miss it if one deems to pay less attention. And then, the narrator digresses regularly from the main tale, to fill in the gaps introduced within the old one.
Since the stream of consciousness narration is presented in reverse form, it is tedious for readers to keep going forward and backward along with the whims of the narrator. The digressions are too long, too frequent and too detailed at times, which makes readers lose sight of the main narrative.

The events are unveiled one by one, that finally lead up to the D-day he mentions at the beginning. While doing so, a number of interesting characters are introduced, each of them could be a psychiatrist’s delight. Each of the characters come with their own psychological burdens, some of which are unburdened over Todd’s existing ones. All of this is juxtaposed with existentialist crisis that Todd suffers from.
Each of the characters contribute something powerful to Todd’s life. His coitus with Betty that leads to a near fatal attack much later in his life is dramatic. The ménage a trois, with Macks so to speak, wherein the paternity of Jane Mack’s child remains a mystery, is interesting. Harrison Mack is a revelation, through Todd’s accurate reading of his character. So is Jane Mack, although it highlights the sly manipulations Todd indulges in, to assuage her contradictory feelings.
The characters of Captain Osborne Jones and Mr. Haecker contribute immensely to the theme of death that suspends over the whole novel. Todd’s ideology of suicide overlaps the contrasting attitudes of both the ‘oysters’ that Todd hangs out with. Todd’s cool analysis of the myriad masks worn by Mr. Haecker, even to the last detail of his staged suicide, let us into the varied workings of the human mind. The character of Colonel Henry Morton displays manipulative shades of human greed.
Todd’s relationship with his father gives us goosebumps. The lack of communication, the subsequent talk between father and son that ends in more secrets is saddening. His suicide, the goriness of its discovery by Todd and its permanent impact on Todd’s psyche is palpable.

I was overjoyed to experience the dramatic dialogues of Shakespeare along with Todd. However, the reaction of the audience, including Todd, towards the artists is disappointing to the core.
The analogy of the Floating opera which allows only portions of the play to be seen and heard by the audience is intriguing as a comparison to the flow of human lives. It is an oddly satisfying read in some parts while being highly boring in some others.
Given that the protagonist is a lawyer, a reader would be expected to relish some dramatic courtroom scenes. Instead, the long drawn narrations of events is a complete let-down.
Overall, the book is readable, if one has an appetite for the existentialist plus stream of consciousness genre of writing.
I rate the novel 2.5 out of 5.
Was my review useful? Do let me know. Happy reading, Bookworms!


Monday 20 April 2020

We Shall Survive - A Poem.

Let me love you harder,
& allow my feelings
to ebb & thrive.

Let's forgive one another
after sparring, & allow
our affection to revive.

Let's be there for each other,
come rain or shine,
& we shall survive.

Image: pinterest.

Yearning - A Poem.

Cautioning lips
choose to linger
on gleaming neck
in honeyed hunger.

Leaping waves
of swift yearning
water thirsty roots
in succous pasture
of her awakening.

Night grows darker
as clasping arms
surrender last restraint
to mounting fervor.

Image: Fine Art America.

Sunday 19 April 2020

Distorted murmurs of Love - A Poem

A caress of love
she seeks
& just a little
in abandoned wisps
of wistful interludes
& a whimsical reality
of echoed existence,
in abditive paper dreams.

Distorted murmurs
in lost & found
of summer loves
breathe, as morning
clouds crusade
in forest silence.

Image: Rosie Hardy.

Friday 17 April 2020

Promenade of Joy - A Quote

Each minute of joy
is another step to
one more smile.

Each new smile
is another way to
one more laugh.

Each new laugh
is another path to
one more joy.

Each new joy
is another lead to
one more smile.

Each joyous cycle
creates a promenade to
make the most of life!

Ignore the assumptions - A Quote

Some people think that
they know you better
than you know your
own self.
Show them
what they don't know
& ignore their antics that
are rooted in assumptions.
Keep surprising people who
assume too much about you!

Thursday 16 April 2020

Essence of Happiness - A Quote

The essence of happiness
& peace lies in the lack
of fear or tension
in life.
our surroundings
free from both, is yet
another step towards
joy & contentment in life.

Uncertain, to be Certain - A Quote

We need uncertain times
to become more certain
about who deserves
our love
care & attention,
& who needs to be
distanced from our lives.

Cut them out - A Quote

Some people can never be happy,
no matter how much they
have, or who they are
with. And they just
cannot bear to
witness the
of anyone
else either.
Cut them out
of your life if you
can. You deserve your
joys, without their envy
ruining it for you all the time.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Enough Love.

All we need in life is enough love, from the ones we love.
While we give and receive varied degrees of affection and love from our loved ones, there are still many people craving for more, despite being part of loving families.
Perhaps, the key condition of 'unconditional' love is the word 'enough'.
How much is enough? Some give too much, while some are able to give too less. And the perceptions, demands and expectations of loved ones may be desirous of more. And there in lies the problem of not being enough for someone.
Not being the key cause of jealousy, envy, misery and heartbreak. It is said that the right person is always enough.
Who is the right person? What decides or separates the right one from the wrong?
The right person is the one who is always enough.

Here in, lies the paradoxical oxymoron, in the subjective quality of love.

Sunday 12 April 2020

Choose - A Poem

It's all about the focus
& a conscious choice,
we may either rant & fuss
or choose to laugh & rejoice.
Find unique beauty
in the ordinary & mundane,
& even times of brevity
will keep us healthy & sane.

Saturday 11 April 2020

Glow of Peace - A Poem

The ocean's voice
soothes to save
emotional tides 
threaten to overflow;
Peace alights somberly
upon me, aglow
like a soft wave
in a crystal ebb & flow.

Secret crush - A Poem

She is a secret crush,
wrapped in beauty so pure;
Nostalgia of love is lush
trapped in a dream secure;
In the fading dusk light,
rises a memory of yore;
Like the flight of angels at night,
it disperses in the mind galore.

Pirouette - A Poem

A boisterous brunette
pulling words of love & lust;

A perfect pirouette
in a silken trail of scarlet dust

Clay Puppet - A Poem

In your kiln
of deceptions, untold,
I was the clay puppet,
you tried to mold;
Your fake words
were daggers of gold,
that left my heart,
bruised & cold.

Foliage of woes - A Poem

Immersed in turbulent toil,
the sprouts of youth do fly.

Embedded deep in life’s soil,
are seeds of forgotten joy.

Threaded in epicenters of turmoil,
the foliage of woes comply.

Repel Negativity - A Quote

Whatever makes us lose
our peace of mind,
is not worth keeping.

Whatever helps us retain
our dignity
is not worth losing.

Gauge the value of the peace
you gain, from the amount
of toxicity you lose.

Gravitate towards the positive
by repelling the negative.

Thursday 9 April 2020

The Last Kiss - A Poem

The last kiss
& teary sigh
the velvet touch
of my last goodbye.
Your love is dead,
my feelings do not die
heartbeats echo
the glory of you and I.

In the long run, 
beyond our prime
somber reflections: 
a colossal crime.
Troubled waters 
of supine time
fractured truths
sad, but sublime.

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2 desktop nexus

Reactions - A Quote

Keep the reactions in check,
even if your emotions
are haywire. A little
delay in response
allows room for
diplomacy &
It saves
a lot more
time & energy
as it eliminates the
necessity for retaliation.

Beauty Survives - A Poem

The heart knows
the plight of doubt 
where all chaos hides.

Entwined to one another, 
breathing silence
we acclimate aches 
known in solitude
& unearth harsh lessons.

Forced laughter unburdens
sorrows of broken limits
& yet, beauty survives
on the landscapes 
of expanding hopes.

Image: Andrew Atroshenko

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Improve the Visible - A Quote

The silent struggles
of others may remain
invisible to us. But our
visible kindness in words
& actions may make huge
difference & make their
suffering bearable.
Let's make lives
a lot better!

Be the reason someone
changes for the better in life.

Improve the visible,
& the invisible shines too!

Stay malleable - A Quote

Life is easier, when our beliefs
are malleable and open to
change, in tandem with
the inevitable shift of
situations. This is
the essence of
growth & our
mental evolution.

Monday 6 April 2020

Blessings from the curses

'Everything happens for the good' 
is a powerful quote of truth.

Most of the 'bad' things that happen to us have more good in them, than we initially realize.
And the wonderful things continue to grow.

Many of our blessings may come to us, disguised as curses and vice versa.

We must keep our minds open to the possibilities that arise from negative situations, that allow our life to be a lot better than before.

We just need to give enough time for negative situations to reveal their positive outcomes.

Count the blessings
that resulted
from the curses!


Optimum Optimism - A Quote

Assume an attitude
of Optimum Optimism.
The more you build and
empower yourself with it,
the lesser your own
armour of positivity
is damaged by the
force of weaponry
of Perpetual Pessimism.

Saturday 4 April 2020

Shield - A Quote

It may not be possible
to scatter feathers
or flowers on all
our pathways.
But it is
to shield our
own feet from the
jabs of sharp stones.

Choose - A Quote

We see people
doing great things
all around us.

If we choose
to be envious,
it's called jealousy.

If we choose
to do nothing
it's called laziness.

If we choose
to learn & improve from it,
it's called inspiration.

Transfer - A Quote

Don't transfer...
your fear into the brave.
your hatred into the loving
your prejudice into the just.
your laziness into the active
your negativity into the positive
your stupidity into the intelligent
If you must change someone,
change them for the better,
not into the worse!

Thursday 2 April 2020

River of Time : A Quote

The river of time
never ceases its flow.
It's up to us, to either waste
its hours playing in the water
or by fishing something
valuable, out of every
precious second.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Peace of Mind - A Quote

Peace of mind
is the best gift that we
must give our own selves.
We cannot expect it from others.
Peace may not reign in our
surroundings but, we can
keep our calm.
Find your own peace of mind!