Monday 16 December 2019

Aura of Mystery - A Poetic Quote.

The aura of mystery
that surrounds the lure
of guarded nonchalance
of well-reined emotions
wields more allure
than the plethora
of feelings on display
by dramatic exuberance.


Ravenous Beauty - A Poem.

Her beauty,
endowed & callipygous;
His opia,
intense & edacious;

Her flavour,
inviting & voracious;
His appetite,
fervent & ravenous...

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After the Goodbye - A Poem.

At the end
of the stories,
when the feelings die;
become histories,
& the tears run dry;
All that's left
is memories,
after the 'goodbye'.


Horrendous Memories - A Poem.

Grievous days
agonizing nights terrible
Memories return
with a vengeance
to sting, bite, tear,
mutilate the heart.
Icy shudders
the mind gasps...
How did I bear
such horrendous pain
& manage to survive?

Still surviving.


The Ghosts Remain - A Poetic Quote

Each day poses
a new challenge
but we face up
to the strain;

When fate
exacts revenge,
our efforts
are all in vain;

When our strength
does appear
& our fears
are finally slain;

The pain
may disappear,
but the ghosts remain.


Those who light your spark - A Quote

There are some
who douse
your raging fire,
only to make
their own tiny flicker
appear brighter.
And then there are some,
who offer their own glint
to light your spark,
protect, nourish & build it
into a flaming inferno.


A Sexy Woman - A Quote.

A woman 
with beautiful physical assets 
is sexy.

A woman with brains
that accompany her beauty, 
is sexier.

However, a beautiful woman 
who is brainy enough,
to bring out
the deadly combination
of guarded innocence
and aching vulnerability,
is the sexiest of them all.

Sunday 15 December 2019

Guile - A Poem.

Fatal knives
of raging desire
war with wounded pride,
electrified by bitter betrayal
that fans the fire,
with ghastly ticking
of burning time
& refuses to heal
vindictive casts
of damaging revealments
& low cunning
of human ingenuity
full of guile.


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Thursday 7 November 2019

Mirage of Love - A Poem.

Harsh reality knocks
like a sharp lancet,

Shifting season shocks
amid fading forelsket;

Wrap of loss, stalks
like an ice-cold blanket;

Seeking nepenthe stocks
in nature's basket.

A lucid mind talks
reveals unknown facet;

Mirage of love mocks
in rhapsodic casket.


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Respect - A Poem.

Respect the heartless
who teach
many lessons new.

Respect the heartbreaks
that invoke
prayers & poetry anew.

Respect the blessings
in your life,
so rare and few.

Respect nature:
mountains rivers seas
sunlight & morning dew.

Respect your being
& precious soul,
for life to renew.

Slice of Heaven

A slice of heaven,
in the saffron 
of the trees.

A touch of magic,
in the buzz 
of the bees.

A scent of bliss,
in the sway 
of the leaves.
A solace in greenery,
in the whisper
of the breeze.

Photos: Chethana Ramesh


Dormant Passion - A Poem.

Betwixt their eyes
lies the universe;
Knowing souls are wise
as hearts converse

Quandaries doth arise
secrets they nurse;
Dormant passion lies
in wait: a propriety curse.

Cosmic ties
for better or worse,
Love, in disguise
of lust, flows in verse.


Sweet Aches - A Poem.

In solitude
I discern
the masquerade,
as the last dream shatters
& ignites in combustion
of memories;
as broken promises
dissipate like vapor;
as frugal remains
of hope
disappear to return
again and nevermore,
to melt away
 the sweet aches
of our love.


Pirouette - A Poem.

In a pirouette
let me swirl,
into your heart
like a hurricane.

Sassy silhouette,
let love unfurl
splendid art
in the hazy lane.

Image : Pinterest

Hurt - A Poem.

Soaring tempers,
senseless fights;
Sour memories
spin like ghouls.

Scornful spurns,
snubbing slights;
Sullen sulks,
moods are foul.

Hurtful words
of chilly nights,
leave bitter tastes
in the soul.


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Wednesday 6 November 2019

Shadows of Loss - A Poem.

A whim of a distant echo
of forgotten words
whets my appetite
for a glimpse of
moonlit nights
of shadows
of loss
of playing
with darkness
while silhouettes
of desire threaten
to lay bare the secrets
to unveil lost memories
from crevices of my soul.


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Mutilated Heart - A Poem.

A mutilated heart, abandoned
but not empty, folds every
tiny fragment of memory
with exquisite care, into
hushed corners of woe
to rebuild & revive
to allow itself to heal
to refill spaces with joy
to revisit with fortitude
legend-worthy pathways
where angels walk with love.


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Read Me - A Poem.

Read me,
like your favourite story;

Tune into me,
like a delicate melody;

Let me be,
your perpetual mystery;

Revisit my memory
as an enchanting history.


Walking on Skies - A Poem.

The calm darkens, 
spun upside down
betrayed & stung 
by artful lies;

She slays fears, 
repairs her crown,
severs & shuns 
painful ties;

Orange clouds beckon, 
sorrows drown,
In liberty she revels, 
walking on skies.


Warped - A Poem.

Dare I unlock the cage
of a heart destroyed,
with no hope left to show?

Can love assuage
to fill in the void
with a soothing glow?

Wary wars to wage
 in life, when fate toyed
with a warped blow. 


Follow your dreams - A Poem.

Follow your heart's desire,
and just go with the flow;
Unlock your hidden fire,
allow the flames to glow!
Let each day transpire
like there's no tomorrow;
May your dreams soar higher,
never let them go.


Scars - A Poem


The visible ones
bring silent shudders,
memories of past pain
or even a nostalgic smile.

The invisible ones
are torturous reminders,
of lessons we gain
from betrayals & guile.


Image courtesy: The Game of Love, Indian Art Ideas