Tuesday 14 April 2020

Enough Love.

All we need in life is enough love, from the ones we love.
While we give and receive varied degrees of affection and love from our loved ones, there are still many people craving for more, despite being part of loving families.
Perhaps, the key condition of 'unconditional' love is the word 'enough'.
How much is enough? Some give too much, while some are able to give too less. And the perceptions, demands and expectations of loved ones may be desirous of more. And there in lies the problem of not being enough for someone.
Not being enough...is the key cause of jealousy, envy, misery and heartbreak. It is said that the right person is always enough.
Who is the right person? What decides or separates the right one from the wrong?
The right person is the one who is always enough.

Here in, lies the paradoxical oxymoron, in the subjective quality of love.

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