Thursday 24 December 2020

Book Review of 'The Mystery of the Silver Spider - The Three Investigators' by Alfred Hitchcock.

I count this book as one of my most enjoyable and easy reads this year. This kind of book is the perfect recipe when we read disturbing horror or psycho-thrillers and need some light reading as a breather. Also, my other two ensuing ones authored by Robert Arthur and Alfred Hitchcock respectively, namely the mysteries of the Talking Skull and the Fiery Eye were excellent reads. The only disappointment in the series I read this year was the Trail of Terror by M.V.Carey.

The best aspect of The Three Investigators books is the invariable general knowledge one always gleans from them. They are a rare series of books that blend the right mixture of adventure, suspense, danger, thrill, and history, without compromising on a good storyline. Romance lovers may be disappointed, but that's a small grouse considering the wholesome package the books offer. As for this one, Hitchcock weaves a gripping tale with all the aforementioned elements in place, and then some. 

A chance meeting with a Prince that leads the investigation to Europe, into the heart of a dangerous plot to usurp the kingdom makes for an enjoyable read. Jupiter surpasses himself with his deduction skills while Pete stays as athletic as ever. Bob shows some amazing brilliance during distress, although  he does suffer pangs of amnesia at critical times. 

The charm of history in the old world descriptions are heightened by the sonorous bell that is beautifully, albeit predictably, woven into the story. Castle wall climbing and underground sewer boating build offer good action sequences during the chases and escapades. 

A fine read for a couple of hours, during a relaxed weekend. Rating 4.7 out of 5. 

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