Wednesday 30 December 2020

Book Review of 'Someone He Loved' by Tarang Sinha

This book was a nice, short read in between the heavy novels that I devour. The cover page was interesting and I wanted to find out more.

Tarang's narrative is simple, smooth and easy flowing. The story builds up some romance and suspense, while articulating the lure of the forbidden. I think l would have enjoyed it more, if it had been a little longer, but then, l have a preferential weakness for huge reads, so that can't be considered as a grouse. 

The story revolves around Varsha and Aman's functional marriage, that acquires lacklustre shades with the arrival of Gautam. The end is partly predictable, after the building up of the protagonist's tension and yet, it has the right amount of open-endedness in it.

Overall, a good short read. And hence, my review is a short one too. 

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Happy reading, readers!


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