Wednesday 17 February 2021

Book review of Re-Kill by Indranil Mukherjee

This is my 16th read of 2021 and the third book by this author. It was as enjoyable as his earlier works namely ‘The Station Master’ and ‘Off the Pages’. This one is a shorter read, however, being a novella.


The characters are most interesting, especially the protagonist. The plot develops within the first three pages and oddly enough the reader is compelled to side with the contract killer instead of his supposed victim. He is endearing in his self-deprecating shock and

The other characters offer the required narrative and dialogue to keep the suspense and story moving forward. A certain character is depicted as more annoying than the killer himself, which allows readers to feel less negative towards the protagonist despite his actions.


The plot develops with some degree of suspense, where a victim escapes death. Although the confirmation at the end is only what a reader already suspects has happened, it is enjoyable to unveil the same.

The plot twist at the end is karmic and satisfying. It is fun to read another story set on a train, a moving one this time, similar to the railway theme of his subsequent novel.


Typical of Indranil Mukherjee’s unique style, one guffaws and smiles one’s way through the read. The ironic build-ups sustain till the very last line and one almost wonders how the humane element has overflowed even to the supposed negative characterization of the assassin, especially with regard to his ‘professional pride’. The language is top-notch and the vocabulary is flawless.

The touches of humour add a classic touch to the narrative and descriptive prose. I wanted the book to be longer, it ended too soon for me.


I rate the book 4.6 out of 5. Extra points for innovative plot-building, reminded me of Agatha Christie’s bestseller ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ although the length and suspense are easier to tackle.

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Happy reading, readers!



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