Wednesday 10 February 2021

Book Review of 'Lines of Fate' by Neelam Saxena Chandra

I chose this book of short stories as my 13th read of 2021. There are 16 stories in this collection and I enjoyed reading them at leisure, along with the other books that I’m reading. It was easy to finish this book because I could read one-two stories per day and get back to it whenever I found time.

I liked the sheer variety in the stories. The settings and characters are different for each one of them although all of them have a common thread of human relationships running through them. I liked ‘The Bookstore’ and the last one ‘The Tsunami’ more than the rest.

Another notable factor about the stories was the unpredictable ends in some of them. They differ from the norm and are unusual, although the storylines may be based on commonly witnessed situations in society around us. A little tighter editing by the publishing team would have made the experience even better for readers.

Overall, a good short read, especially between hardcore thrillers.

I rate it 4/5. Pick it up for a showcase of Indian relationships and society.

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Happy reading , readers!



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