Wednesday 10 February 2021

Book Review of 'Extracts from the Life' by Shilpa Bhat

My twelfth read of 2021 is yet another short story collection. This one is smaller than the previous one I read, with 12 stories in it. A short read, hence a small review.

I liked how each story is woman-centric and dealt with a theme of something that’s relevant to current society.

‘The Daughter’s rights’ brings out the hypocrisy of men in general and chauvinists in particular. It brings out the helplessness of women as well. ‘Good Girls’ is brilliant, in the showcase of humanity over what the hypocritic society perceives as good or bad. The story of the singing beggar is another favourite. It is touching and heartrending, again showcasing callousness of the world, albeit some true humanitarians in it.

Overall, a good book, absolutely readable. Rating it 4.2 /5. Extra points for focusing on women, about time more writers did that.

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Happy reading, readers.


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