Thursday 6 August 2020

Each Fantasy : A Poem

I recognize 
the welcoming laugh
she bestows me with
as I walk past her.
I crave to hear
the beautiful bloom.

I concede
to the sniggering snort
he worries me with
as I wet my feet.
I wish to lend an ear
to the weary wave.

I concur
with the heated hope
he wraps me with
as I warm my skin.
I long to travel
with the sultry sun.

I linger
near the singing sounds
she soothes me with
as I finish my swim.
I desire to unravel
like the rapturous river.

I admire
the glorious hues
she charms me with
as I wander in delight.
I pine to beam
like the bashful butterfly.

I wonder
at the luminous light
he leaves me with
as I tackle the twilight.
I yearn to gleam
like the feisty firefly.

I may never be free
of each fantasy.

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