Monday 24 August 2020

Book Review of 'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not' by Iris Morland

This was an easy read of 240 pages, hence the review will be a small one too. A simple but gripping love story with some romance, and dollops of passion. 

The pros of the book include the story and the narrative. It is hilarious and deliciously ironic. It makes readers guffaw at regular intervals with delight. The scene of the naughty blue macaw announcing Liam's private lines in the public restaurant is extremely funny and delightful. The storyline is convincing, except for some dialogues that are not in tandem with what one may expect from a 'good girl' character. 

What I liked was the individual voices of both the protagonists Mari and Liam in separate chapters that lets readers in on their angst and desires. 

The flip side is the vocabulary that may be deemed raw by some, but mostly too blatant, by others. Call them old-fashioned if you may, but a lot of readers still prefer to read about lovemaking in subtle, classy overtones and not descriptions that border on lewd, of what each of the listed private body parts ooze. Too much of an overdose of d, c and p words may thrill some readers looking for a jerk-off read, but serious readers may just be put off by the excessive 'ewww' factor.

Overall a rather readable romantic comedy, a good pastime between hardcore classic reads. 
I rate the book 3 out of 5.

Hope you former my review useful. Keep reading, and stay safe. 



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