Thursday 27 August 2020

Book Review of 'Tangled Up In Ice' by Charlotte Byrd.

This was one of the books I choose to read on Kindle and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

The narrative is simple, yet engrossing and the story builds at a comfortable place. I liked the language and the situations described. 

The main cliche is the insanely rich boy and extremely poor girl protagonist profiles. Apart from that, the angsts and wounds of their past threatens to derail their lives and cause panic attacks in both of them. The saga of two similar souls meeting under strenous circumstances is an interesting read, although the set up is rather filmy.

I liked the structure where the perspectives of the two main characters is open to us. There are some parts that do not ring true, like how the reclusive Jackson, who has never seen a single human for four years adjusts more comfortably than one would expect when he finally appears in public. And both Harley and he are a little too fast up to each other, given the description of their backgrounds.

The main grouse is that the story ends rather abruptly with room for more explanation and then one realises that this is a bait to buy the next book in the series, a rather good one at that, complete with a link to buy the next part. 

Nevertheless, it is a good, light read in-between hardcore classics.

I rate the book 3.8 out of 5. 

Hope the review helped you. Keep reading and stay safe, readers.

Book photo: Chethana

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