Friday 26 October 2018

Nemesis - A Poem

My second tribute is to William Blake (1757-1827), the poet, painter, imaginative, mystic & intellectual visionary. A seminal figure of the Romantic age, he has been deemed a major poet & an original thinker.

The prompts I have chosen from his poems are:

Dark secret love 
Crimson joy 

(Poem: The Sick Rose)

Seize the fire 
Immortal hand 
Dread grasp

(Poem: The Tyger)


Spilling poetic ink 
for William Blake; 
Letting words spin & link, 
as verses arise & awake! 


A dread grasp
of an immortal hand,
doth seize the fire of gloom,
deceives in pitiless ploy;

A burn of betrayal,
hard to withstand
writ on the faithful plume
of her heart, t'was but a toy;

A dark secret love,
of sinister strand
blackens the bloom,
poisons petals of crimson joy;

A deadly duplicity,
is quiescent quicksand
nemesis rages in doom,
profound passion, it doth destroy.

Image: XiNature, Google.

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