Tuesday 2 October 2018

Mourning - A Sonnet.

William Shakespeare was the genius who established 1700 English words! 

My tribute to the Bard continues, with the second poem I penned to Shakespeare's astounding contribution to English Literature. It is a Sonnet, (with 14 lines) and uses a picture as an accompaniment to the verse. 

(Read my first tribute poem to Shakespeare here: 

The prompts I picked are from the play, 'The Midsummer Night's dream'
(Act II, Scene i) 

Wild Thyme
Luscious woodbine
Dances and Delight. 
Enamelled skin.
Heaven of Hell.

I used a couple of bonus prompts too, from the tragic plays Hamlet (Act II, Scene i & Act II Scene ii) and Julius Caesar (Act II Scene ii)

Slings and Arrows. 

Stars are fire.
Taste of death.

Inspired by a dream,
may the verses gleam!



Stars are fire, in shifts of paradigm
beneath canopies of luscious woodbine;
Aromas assault, in drifts of wild thyme
& caress her enamelled skin divine;

Of gaily trysts, in showy springtime
of dances & delight, & heady wine;
of amorous suitors, with words of rhyme
of emeralds bright, & riches fine;

Amidst astringent memories, in scents of lime
Of legacies lost, she doth dream & pine;
Heaven of hell, in the whims of time
slings & arrows of fate in line;

A taste of death, in her valiant prime,
a fallen beauty mourns, & lays supine.


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