Friday 26 October 2018

An Ode to Solitude.

My third tribute is to one of the most favorite poets of my childhood, the nature poet, William Wordsworth (1770-1850).

I have chosen these prompts from three of his poems to pen my verse.

Act of stealth
Troubled pleasure
Silent water
Trembling oars
Measured motion
Sparkling waves
Tempestuous time
Tenderness of thought.
Benign is Solitude

(Poem: The Prelude)

Vales and hills
(Poem: Daffodils)

Melancholy strain
(Poem: The Solitary Reaper)

I have written this ode in the Terza Rima rhyme scheme of poetry. I first read about this scheme in a famous poem by P.B.Shelley, called ‘The Ode to the West Wind’ and was compelled to attempt a similar scheme for one of my own poems.

In a terza rima poem, the first and third lines of a stanza rhyme, but the first line of the next stanza rhymes with the second line of the stanza before it. So, the stanzas would look like A-B-A, B-C-B, C-D-C, and so on, with each letter representing the rhyming words. 


A flow of ink,
for Wordsworth's Prelude;
To marvel & think
in poetic magnitude!

An Ode to Solitude

An act of stealth, in troubled pleasure
amidst vales & hills, on a moonlit night,
a quest for peace, an intangible treasure;

Sparkling waves, no horizon in sight,
rising tides, the boat doth slaughter,
adrift eastward, sails in flight;

A churn of memories, in the mind’s mortar,
the heart seeks harmony, all in vain
but all is tranquil, in silent water;

Tempestuous time, wreaks a melancholy strain,
shining waters sliced by trembling oars,
toss of tempests in the brain;

Singed soul, in voiceless roars,
plaintive pursuits of a pensive mood,
no conscious memory of distant shores.

Measured motion unearths quietude;
the weary will discovers tenderness of thought
for in blessed nature, benign is solitude.



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