Wednesday 5 September 2018

The Bronze Beauty - Poems.

It is a challenging endevor to write contrasting themes for the same picture. I have attempted to write two opposite perceptions that may be gleaned from this brilliant artwork by Alexander Shubin.

The first poem is a sensuous one bordering on erotica. The second one is disturbing, as it touches upon the torment of sexual abuse.


The Bronze Beauty.

Moves of sensual advent
a bronze beauty craves release;

Waves of writhing torment,
as knowing fingers test & tease;

Curves to savor, succulent,
crimson contours to appease;

Sounds of lusting lament
escape ravaged lips with ease.


Vile gropes 
in lusty throe,
in temptation 
of coffee-gold skin;

Scarlet sheathes 
her copper glow,
not an invitation 
to slimy sin;

Agony screams 
in silent woe
of agitation, 
destroys soul within.


🎨 By Alexander Shubin

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