Friday 8 June 2018

Nature Trails 4 : Hosur farmlands.

I've been travelling to Hosur quite a lot, of late. The farmlands that I have visited have only a few houses as of now, thereby the place is unaffected by the hustle and bustle that accompanies the progress of city life.

One must always find the time to get away to the outskirts of the city to enjoy the peace and quiet that only the rural countryside can offer.

Perpetual pathway
The farm that we visited had acres of land used for cultivation of some colorful flowers and a host of vegetables.

But the long pathways amidst lush lining of flowering trees  were equally enticing. Some  pathways are so endless, that they promise a perpetual adventure.

Radiant hues

One of the first things that caught my attention was this lotus pool complete with a tiny stream of water that fed it.

Although no lotuses bloomed at that time of the day, the floating leaves and water took on a radiance hue that I may not have noticed if the lotuses had bloomed. 

Wildflower Wonder

This tiny little bloom was well hidden in the wild shrubbery but did not escape my scrutiny. 

Some exquisite things are hidden, wrapped deep within thorny packages indeed.

Pretty Plantains

Among the host of plants and shrubs that caught my attention were these plantain plants. The plantains looked more pretty against the backdrop of a cloudy blue sky. 

I especially love the plantain flowers, that eventually turn from deep maroon to dark green and then into bright yellow bananas.

Solace in the village.
I clicked this mud-walled hut from the moving car, while we were passing by a small village known as 'Gopanapalli', off the Denkinikotai road, in the outskirts of Hosur.
In addition to a little village school, the place has vast areas of wilderness that allows visitors to take in the distinct scents of rural Tamilnadu. 

All Photos: ©️ChethanaRamesh

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