Wednesday 4 April 2018

On the Edge - Poems.

Theme : Hopes and Fears

Penning poetry for interesting pictures is my favourite pastime. This digital art by Alan Simas is one of the most compelling pictures I have come across. I attempted two pieces of poetry for the same.


On the Edge

On the edge of abyss & sky, 
in a stoic stance, 
I stand alone 

Muted memories whisper & sigh, 
in a mocking dance, 
tattered & torn. 

Feral feelings wither & die, 
till I'm made of stone.


Take me higher & higher 
till there are no more heights
left to soar; 

Till I'm made of stone, I admire, 
the scintillation of sensual delights 
more & more; 

On the edge of destiny's tier, 
I rewrite with summoned mights, 
my own folklore.


Image Credits : Digital Art by Alan Simas


  1. Don't you see a fellow bystander there,
    Enveloped by the smoky silence,
    Engulfed by the sensuous currents,
    Of your hazy cold presence,
    Creating waves of heat and light within,

    He hesitates to open himself,
    That the mighty, stormy wind outside,
    carrying with it the baggage of tradition and morality,
    Might sweep,
    And leave him stranded deep in tide

    But if you see in that little cottage,
    Situated in the corner of his heart,
    You would find solace there and,
    An equal zeal to burn,
    In the fire of passion

    A passion to burn together,
    By igniting each other's fire,
    And quenching it and fueling it again,
    Till both are consumed in that fire,
    Crying, laughing, living and dying,
    To be born again

    1. Thank you, Chaitanya! Awesome poem! I especially love the last two lines..👍👌