Tuesday 24 April 2018

Book of your life - Poems.

Theme: Book.

Happy #WorldBookDay! 

I decided to pen two poems in honour of the World Book Day, albeit in a different vein. 

My poems use the word 'Book' as a metaphor, rather than the usual parlance. 
Book of your Life.

I'm not a footnote, 
a word, or a mere line, 
not even a quote
that makes the para shine; 
I live in the story you wrote, 
in your gossamer ink fine; 
On every page, I fluidly float,
for your book of life is mine.


Open the defiant door 
to reveal the book of your life; 
Erase the words that tore 
chasms between us, like a knife; 
Allow our dreams to soar 
in pages of love that is rife, 
Let our quills explore 
new stories, devoid of strife.

Images: Digital art from Google.

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