Wednesday 27 January 2021

Book Review of ‘Marriages Are Made in Kitchen’ by Tanvi Sinha

My sixth book of 2021 and third read of Tanvi’s is very different from the last ones, Dance to My Tunes and The Invisible Victim. The story and premise vary greatly, in the sense that it is a domestic theme of food, that encompasses the challenges presented by the Covid lockdown.


Medhavi and Akash are convincing as the warring couple while the characters of their parents seem realistic, like typical Indian parents who support their offspring, while wanting the best for them. They act as perfect elements that take the story forward. The twist in the tale comes in the form of advice from a friend, but I’d not like to offer any spoilers.


The story is gripping, keeping us wondering whether the inevitable entanglements in the marriage are ironed out or not. Medhavi’s thinking seems fair enough, acknowledging and echoing the thoughts of many a working woman. Does the cooking chore in the kitchen change the relationship or not? Read the book to find out.

I’d have liked the story more, had Akash learned to cook in the end, as a life skill and not just a typical Indian gender equation.


Tanvi’s narrative is short, simple and straightforward. The storyline is slick, well-edited and to the point. It is an easy read, even for people who do not read much.


I rate the book 4.2 out of 5. It is a short and convenient read that can be comfortably finished in less than a couple of hours, at most.

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Happy reading, readers.


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