Friday 31 January 2020

Pause: The Essence of Life.


To hear the gentle rustle
of leaves, as bees hustle;
To let aromas of petals
seep into alert nostrils.

To feel the cobbles' heat
rise under sun-soaked feet;
To taste the sting of raindrops
amidst the green of hilltops.

To discern shapes in a flaky cloud
& hum a forgotten tune aloud.
To catch a rainbow in its hues
& foamy waves break the blues.

To breathe the silver of scented air
in stoic silence of moonlit flair;
To pen poems in golden solitude
where winged chirpers' mates are wooed.

To bake cookies sweet and pies sour
& devour words till the witching hour;
To fling pebbles in lakes & watch them sink,
& laze into long sunsets, till constellations wink.

To don a cape,
earn a child's laughter
& let smiles escape,
in grandma's banter.

You shall stew
in Life's kettle;
Pause to brew
a life of mettle.

You shall reach
the End's gate;
Pause to live,
before it's too late.

Learn to live, life is brittle
Pause, my friend, to live a little.



  1. This poem made me see the nature and life with a different view.


  2. Your poem made me see life in a totally different manner.