Wednesday 29 January 2020

Book Review: 'Charlotte's End' by Veena S Rao.

I picked this book up for the intriguing idea of reading an Indian author's rendition of an English take, a sequel at that. I wasn't disappointed at all. 

The language is impeccable, & can put any English writer to shame. The story had myriad elements like the angst of burdensome memories, juxtaposed with wartime hardships. The various nuances of marriage are interspersed with the protagonist's struggle to come to terms with her husband's mental tortures while she battles her own inner demons.

Thrilling scenes of a sea journey with bombing escapades make for a gripping read. One feels for the constant careful evaluation that she performs, with analysis of each situation, before she even talks to her own husband. 

However, a reader who has not read the first book does feel the sense of inadequate comprehension & incompleteness with the perpetual references to the past story. There are places where the reader does not identify or feel the depth or even necessity of the feelings she portrays, as they appear exaggerated. 

The ironic part is, although the book is about Mrs.Raymond de Villiers' s identity, self-growth and resurrection of sorts, the importance given to the non existent Charlotte overpowers her efforts. Till the very end, destroying evil of past demons take precedence. This again seems exaggerated for a reader who has not understood the depth of evil or hatred. Left to assumptions, the reader struggles to make sense of the current situations in the book. 

I strongly recommend readers to read part one of the sequel for better comprehension, that lacked in my experience with this one.

I rate it 4.8/5.


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