Wednesday 21 October 2020

Book Review of 'Yakshini' by Neil D'Silva

This is a fairly different book in the sense that it couples magical realism and celestial mythology with current day modernism.

Meenu, or Meenakshi Patel's uniqueness holds our attention from the first page and continues to do so, even when it takes many grotesque turns for the worse. 

The story is an interesting combination of beauty and horror. It reminds us of the various 'possession' stories we have watched on TV. Some parts, especially in the fag end of the book are too grisly to be entirely convincing, but that's what magical realism is all about. All the knots of the mystery are tied up at the end. 

What I appreciated are the underlying social messages that cannot be missed. The futility in craving for a male child, the perils of excessive lust and the innate power of womanhood are articulated with fine clarity. 

I also completely loved the strong imagery and references to the mysticism of nature.

Hari's character doesn't ring true at all times, but is a redeeming factor that provides the crucial distinction between male love and mere desire. Meenu's sisters are convincing in their petty jealousies. 

Meenu's parents are rather inconsistent, severely craving for a male on one hand but shown to fight vigorously for the seventh female. However, the numerous lessons professed through their characters are profound.

The parts about celestial beings adds a touch of rare mythology juxtaposed with modern realism. 

I rate the book 4.1 out of 5. 

Hope you found my review useful. Do leave your thoughts in the comments. 

Happy reading, readers! 

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