Monday 1 June 2020

Inside our Heads

The best things in life happen to us, inside our heads.

Why do we normally believe that the things we get or events occuring in our lives give us joy, bring is happiness or provide us with comforts?

Happiness is subjective, different for different people. But does it always depend on external factors?

No. The joy ( or sorrow) is actually internalized in our minds. Think about it.

That holiday felt good because your mind said so. That pastry tasted heavenly, because your mind had instructed your tongue to crave for it & enjoy it when it was available to relish.

This is why some people with 'everything' are unhappy and some people with 'nothing' are happy. So, just as the best things, so also the worst things happen to us inside our heads too.

Food for thought, isn't it?

Your mind is the superpower. Stay happy, now, you know how. Inside your head.

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