Wednesday 6 November 2019

Metaphysical Poetry - A Tribute Poem.

How does one extol the magic
of the brilliant metaphysical one?
Of poetry, witty and classic
of Herbert, Marvell and Donne?

Conceits, cool and dramatic
in intellectual imagination;
A swerve from the romantic,
but wordplay of wild abandon;
Critique in parody, satiric
with logical arguments won
Questions profound and philosophic
where rhymes of reason do run.
Penned in meters metaphoric,
are poems of paradoxical pun;
Spiritual, religious or tragic,
but sensuality aimed to stun!
Woven in wild & witty fabric,
Wondrous threads of flair are spun.

Collars, pulleys, & windows thematic,
Wings & Altars in Carmen figuratum;
Angst, spiritual and platonic,
Inquests of poignant Redemption.
Sweetened pills and strife rhetoric,
Metonymies & conflicts of Affliction.
Vibrant rhyme, melody & music,
Resonate in GEORGE HERBERT’s bells of Aaron.

Carpe Diem motif in flawless logic,
Floods of hyperbole, in Biblical allusion.
Winged chariots of time, ironic
‘Grave’ worms assault in gentle persuasion
Amorous birds, in fervours frantic,
Prey his Coy mistress to sexual submission.

Nine octaves in tetrameter rhyme iambic,
Quiet, Innocence, love & trees in personification.
Ovid’s Metamorphoses, in cadence tonic,
Luscious fruits in feasts Bucchanalian;
Silver-winged soul, mind oceanic,
Delicious solitude of Adam in Eden.
Volta in pastoral paradises, symbolic
Sundials & fragrant zodiacs in the Garden.

Three-forked lightning of Cromwell heroic
Replete with similes and allusion
Keener eye in regicide of Charles – tragic;
Deepest scars, Carisbrooke and Hampton.
Caesar, Gaul and Hannibal, climacteric,
Parti-coloured Pict, deer Caledonian.
Heaven’s flame from yore, monarchy historic
Cromwell’s return from Ireland, an ode Horation.
Political ambiguity in a perfect panegyric
ANDREW MARVELL’S verses are tactfully done.

Sepulchral statues, & soul transplants, Exstatic
‘twixt waves of sensual seduction.
Purpled nails, in The Flea barbaric,
Sighs & serpents in Twickenham garden.
Imagery spiritual but carnal - paradoxic,
Tapers & tombs in The Canonization.
Spent sun & sunk sap in earth hydroptic,
Nocturnal quintessence, in dull privation.
Good Morrow to souls, hyperbolic,
Replete with anaphora and alliteration.
Batter of hearts & blood symbolic ,     
Sublunary spheres & circling compasses - iconic
Sans mourning & tears in A Valediction.

Holy sonnets, penitent & didactic,
Dazzling brevity in elegies of reflection.
Carnal in tone, with openings dramatic,
He even chides the mighty Sunne!
Flawless flavour of verse, fantastic
A genius in the genre was JOHN DONNE.

The world revels, in Eliot's revival nostalgic,
Indebted to Dryden and Dr.Johnson.
How does one commend the marvellous magic
of the magnificent metaphysical one?
I pen a poem to literary greats, gigantic
in a heartfelt tribute to Marvell, Herbert & Donne.

-  ©Chethana Ramesh

This poem is part of the MEG 1 - British Poetry assignment, that I  submitted for the academic year 2018-19. 
Please do not copy-paste or publish it elsewhere, without my permission and assent. Thank you.


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