Monday 26 November 2018

Dawn - A Poem.

My sixth tribute is to Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822), who was one of the major English Romantic poets of the 2nd generation.

He was regarded as a fine lyric, as well an influential & philosophical poet in the English language.

I have used some prompts from Shelley's Poem, 'The Triumph of Life' to pen my verse.

Awakened Earth
Mountain snows 
Kiss of day
Smiling air
Melodious dew
Sweet dreams brood
Sleeping tempest

Celebrate 'The Triumph of Life',
dispel darkness, destroy strife; 
Get inspired by P.B.Shelley, 
pen verses of verve, in a volley...


Ravaged by freezing mountain snows,
the leafless trees lay bare;
The sleeping tempest is devoid of her throes,
sweet dreams brood in pre-dawn prayer;

An awakened earth shrugs off her icy shroud,
and welcomes the kiss of day with flair;
Famished nestlings chirp clear and loud,
Melodious dew sings, in the smiling air...


Images: 1. Pinterest 2. Deviantart

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