Monday 24 July 2017

Orange Parrot.


It is strange how we never get to visit some famous places in our own cities, despite having the time and means to do so.

I visited Cubbon park after a very long time and came upon the Government Aquarium at its entrance. It was a shock for me to realize that I've lived in Bangalore for so many years and yet, never visited the largest and most famous aquarium in the city.

And the Aquarium was a true revelation. Although, a lot of species of those water marvels did catch my attention, this one is by far the best.

Apparently, the name 'Parrot fish' is derived from their fused teeth, which bear a strikingly close resemblance to the beaks of parrots. It was no wonder that I thought of these glowing beauties as the cutest and most attractive among all the hundreds of exotic varieties of fishes exhibited there.

Just as I was about to move ahead to the next display, another one of those lovely orange creatures peeked out from inside the clay pot in the centre of the aquarium and then glided smoothly into view. Alas, it made itself comfortable behind the rock before I could capture a good view of both of them together.

At Rs.10 per ticket, the Bangalore Aquarium with a humongous collection of fishes from all over the world is definitely worthy of a visit. 

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