Sunday, 2 August 2015

Yaariyaan : The Crossroads of Friendship

Zindagi mein kitne chaubaarein hain...

Aksar naye dor mein 
Kuch aise heere mil jaate hain,
Jo hamein hasne ka matlab sikhaate hain,
Jeene ki vajah samjhaate hain,
Rone ki vajah dilaate hain, 
Dil ke kareeb ho jaate hain,
Aksar humse bichadke duur bhee chale jaate hain,
Par dil ke lapeton ki gehraayee mein,
Hamesha ke liye reh jaate hain...

Meelon ke zindagi ki safar mein
Apne pehchaan chod jaate hain, 
Humein aage jaane ki himmat dilaate hain,
Humein khudse pyaar karna sikhaate hain,
Aur zindagi ke mushkil pannon mein,
Hamesha mehkee phool banke reh jaate hain...

Zindagi mein kitne chaubaarein hain...



Life has so many crossroads...

Many a time new threads of friendship

Allow us to meet some diamonds,
Who teach us the meaning of laughter,
Who show us the reason to live,
Who give us a cause to cry,
Become close to our hearts,
Many times they part from us to go afar too,
But remain deep within the folds of our hearts forever...

In the miles of the difficult journey called life,
They leave their niche
Give us the strength to move forward,
Teach us to love our own selves,
And on the difficult pages of our lives,
They remain as fragrant blooms forever...

Life has so many crossroads...




  1. You grasp very quickly....for people like me you started the English translation part as
    Anyway, Simple and sweet poem ( of course,talking about the English one )

    1. Thank You, Sudhi! I'm sure you got most of the Hindi one as well...

  2. awesome this is chethana :) totally loved it. :))

  3. mast lines hai chetana .. loved it ...

  4. mast lines hai chetana .... loved it...