Sunday, 3 September 2017

Pink and purple blooms.

While I was lazily scrolling down the pictures in my phone gallery, I noticed that I had quite a collection of pink-purple flowers that I had clicked at different locations in and around the city. Here are four of my favourite ones.

I clicked this during my visit to a farmland near Hosur. This bloom was one of the many that adorned the fence of one of the farmhouses. 

The sunlight reflecting off its petals gave off a sheer translucent glow, that left me enchanted.

These lovely flowers are part of the nursery in the medicinal section of Biocentre, on Bannerughatta road, Bangalore.

Despite their small size, they do liven up the atmosphere of the whole nursery.

These awesome blossoms are a regular sight on the flowering trees of Cubbon park on Museum Road, Bangalore.

Although most of them bloom too high for visitors to reach, some of us get lucky to capture them on our phones once in a while.

This hibiscus is an oddity for sure. I'd never seen one of such a different colour, it is definitely a hybrid of two or more common species.

I was surprised to spot these on the narrow sidewalks of one of the houses in one of the posh layouts in J.P.Nagar, Bangalore.

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