Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Gothic Romance - A Poem.

Lost in a vale,
of pines perchance,
within a gale
of an ardent trance

Amidst  buoyant
flight, corvines dance
thrives a radiant
gothic romance

Image: Pinterest

Demon Lover - A Poem.

Demented Demon Lover
Disguised Devil's Hoodlum
Dark disaster in her heart's bower
Deplorable mind of smooth scum

Disarming masks of disillusive power,
Disguises of dignified decorum
Deadly wolf in sheep's cover
Departs with disastrous outcome

Image: Demon Lover, by Ricardo Pustiano.

I love using #Alliterations in my lines and this is one such poem where I've used a bazooka of 'D' alliterations in the verse.

The term 'Demon Lover' is from the poem, 'Kubla Khan' by Samuel Taylor #Coleridge.


Carcass of Love - A Poem.

You hid your eyes
behind masks of virtuousness;

Betrayals were smooth
& steeped in colors of darkness;

Entwined in your lies –
chain of serpents, ruthless;

My blunt truth smoulders
on my love's carcass.

Image: Andrea Benge

Saturday, 12 January 2019

She is the flame. - A Poem.

Fierce goddess, kind idol
Enigma is her name.

No one is her equal
No defeat in her game.

Strikingly brutal
None can tame.

Wild & lethal
Gallant dame!

She is the fuel
She is the flame.

Image: Pinterest/ extragifs.com

Contours - A poem

Contours of canvas allusions
discover in glee

Blushed in velvety passions
strokes of hazelnut honey

Scintillating suffusions
ardent & artsy

Intense impressions
in fluid flow of ecstasy...


Image: Aethetics via ColorMyWorld

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Smoky Kiss - A Poem.

Ghosts of the past,
sigh in smoky bliss;

Hot moments cease to last,
as crimson flames fizzle & hiss;

Misty illusions are cast,
locked in a sinful kiss...

Image : pinterest

Erotic Chaos - A Poem.

Erratic heartbeats flutter
in breathless precipice
of capricious immensity.

Melodramatic feelings mutter
& glow in mind's edifice
in calm intensity.

Erotic sighs utter
a radiant song of bliss,
in chaos of captivity.


Image: pinterest.

Winter - A Poem

Twilight skies
sprinkle silver snow,
embraced by frozen leaves;

Stark beauty smiles
in winter glow,
to brighten desolate eves.


Image: pinterest

Dialogue with Nature - A Poem.

Embrace the distant horizon,
when the mind is filled with fog;

Entangle perplexing puzzles in aversion,
as intellectual obstruction does unclog;

Engage the cloak of thought in abandon
with wondrous nature in deep dialogue.


Monday, 26 November 2018

Dawn - A Poem.

My sixth tribute is to Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822), who was one of the major English Romantic poets of the 2nd generation.

He was regarded as a fine lyric, as well an influential & philosophical poet in the English language.

I have used some prompts from Shelley's Poem, 'The Triumph of Life' to pen my verse.

Awakened Earth
Mountain snows 
Kiss of day
Smiling air
Melodious dew
Sweet dreams brood
Sleeping tempest

Celebrate 'The Triumph of Life',
dispel darkness, destroy strife; 
Get inspired by P.B.Shelley, 
pen verses of verve, in a volley...


Ravaged by freezing mountain snows,
the leafless trees lay bare;
The sleeping tempest is devoid of her throes,
sweet dreams brood in pre-dawn prayer;

An awakened earth shrugs off her icy shroud,
and welcomes the kiss of day with flair;
Famished nestlings chirp clear and loud,
Melodious dew sings, in the smiling air...


Images: 1. Pinterest 2. Deviantart