Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Nature Trails - 3 : Tirupathi

I love travelling to the hills. Their silent majesty reminds one of  the powerlessness of human beings against nature's forces.

It has been a while since I visited the hillside. However, scrolling through old snapshots always brings the nostalgic memories rushing back.

These pics were clicked by me during my visit to Tirupathi, for my cousin's wedding, a couple of years ago. 

Since the journey to the top was in a hired jeep, we had a good opportunity to get amazing views of the sloping hillside. 

This was clicked from atop the choultry building in Tirupathi. The temperature soared to 45 degrees and it was with great effort that I dragged my feet out of the AC room onto the super-scorching terrace to get this shot to store away in my memories. Hot and humid memories indeed!

A calm dusk had begun to set in during our return journey. It yielded some beautiful shots of the cloudy skies over towering hills. 

The extreme humidity and overcast sky suggested an onset of rains, but the hovering clouds ended up disappointing us. 

At the end of the journey to the divine town, we returned with the joy of a good darshan of the Lord of the seven hills, a beautiful wedding, an amazing get-together of the whole extended family and of course, some pictures to reminisce on, during our boring routines back in Bangalore.


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