Monday 25 January 2021

Book Review of 'My Father's Girlfriend' by Jagadish Nadanalli

My fifth read of 2021 is a different book, a new theme - not one, but two love stories, with a difference. The title is self explanatory, and the cover page promises a journey into the past decades of music, moju and masti - fun and frolic.


The best part of the characterisation is the depiction of the love-hate relationship between the father and son. The father's manipulative moves and the son's knowing annoyance are endearing to read about. An Indian son's typical thinking and behaviour is captured realistically. 

The respective girlfriends offer the elements of some suspense and ample romance. 


The language is simple and free-flowing. Some of sentences are structured in the mannerism of Indian dialects, especially  act as a reminder of the Kannada language structure. (for those who know the language). The interesting touches of Korean swear words give it a new feel. The publishers could have edited it a little more prudently in some places.


The story is the strongest point of the book: Love with its complications across two different generations and the search for a long lost  girlfriend, along with the current lovers, leading to some discoveries. It is a simple, yet complicated tale of relationships.


Overall, a light, fun, time-pass read that is wholesome and enjoyable. I rate it 4.1 out of 5. 

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Happy reading, readers!


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