Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Nature trails - 2

Cubbon Park on Museum road, #Bengaluru, has always been one of my favourite Sunday haunts. Although renamed as 'Sri Chamarajendra park in 1927, it is still known as Cubbon Park. 

The best thing about the park is the sheer greenery that welcomes you , no matter which entrance you approach it from.

Although I can never stop clicking pictures of everything that catches my fancy, there are a few shots that remain my all-time favourites.

This region is not part of the main park, per se. Rather, it is the area that is adjacent to the court building, on the rear side. One can buy fresh fruit from any of the numerous vendors and talk a leisurely stroll in one of the most peaceful lung-spaces of garden city.

There is a neat stoned pathway that allows you to walk under the canopy of some of the tallest trees in Bengaluru. These trees are so tall that one has to crane one's neck to the maximum, to see the branches reaching out to the sky.  

The best part of this walk was the chirping of countless birds housed in these branches. A sight for sore eyes plus music to the ears...what more could one ask for?

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