Saturday 21 November 2020

Book Review of 'Midnight Sun' by Jo Nesbo

This is my second read of Nesbo and I enjoyed it a lot more than 'Blood On Snow'. Nesbo weaves a charming tale, similar to the last one - a story about witty killer with a heart of gold - but this one is more gripping, adventurous and enjoyable than the last one. 


The best thing about Nesbo's characterisation is the way the protagonist 'talks' to the readers and pulls them right into the heart of the story.

Ulf, aka Jon Hansen, draws us in with his witty rendition of the tale. His fortitude during crisis is admirable. His soft-heartedness warring with the need to survive makes for a gripping read.

Lea, his love interest showcases the ruination of strict religious and societal norms reaping havoc in her life.

Knut, Lea's son, is an absolute delight. He displays how the crucial relationship between a father or father-figure and a son should be.

Mattis offers the elements of suspense and surprise towards the climax. 


The ironic humourous first person rendition makes for a gripping read. 
The contract killer, caught in circumstances, with a marked disability to do his job makes for a compelling story. 

The Norwegian countryside, especially the descriptions of the wilderness around the hunting cabin offers beautific imagery for the setting of the suspense. 

The tenets of religion juxtaposed with fast paced movement of the tale offer a thrilling adventure. The parts about the indigenous Sami populace offer revealing insights about their religion and culture. 

The conclusion is satisfying, with the loose ends tied up neatly towards the climax. 


I rate the book a 4.8 out of 5. Extra points are for beautiful imagery and compelling plot. 

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Happy reading, readers!


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