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Short Story 19 : I've Got You.

Theme: Epistolary.

An Epistolary Story is written in the form of a series of documents. The usual form is letters, although dairy entries, or newspaper clippings are sometimes used. In recent times, emails and blog entries are used as well.
The Epistolary form can add greater realism to the story because it mimics the workings of real life and also demonstrates different points of view without recourse to the device of an omniscient narrator.
There are three types of Epistolary stories: Monologic (One narrator), dialogic (two narrators), or polylogic (with three or more letter writing characters).
A crucial element in Epistolary stories is the dramatic device of discrepant awareness i.e the simultaneous correspondences of the protagonists and antagonists creating dramatic tension.
I have chosen the monologic form of Epistolary in my story.


I’ve Got You.

 16th Febuary, 2017. 12.37 AM.

Dear Di,
I’m so excited, Di! He asked me out! Can you believe it? Ashish Verma…the Ashish Verma has asked me out!
Me! Plain ol’ Neha Pinto, can you imagine!
Oh God! I can barely believe it, Di, I am SOOO excited…
Well, lemme start from the beginning. U know that I have been crazy about him from day 1, right? So, I followed your advice and enrolled myself for the same aerobics class that he goes to…and yes, I even invested in the funky new wardrobe you had chosen for me…and guess what, I even lost weight with all that serious working out, bcz I didn’t wanna make it obvious to him that, you know, I was trying t get his attention…
And just like you suggested, I ignored him completely! You won’t believe how hard it was for me to do that but I did, even when I saw that bitch Rima hit on him constantly.
I spent the whole of last week agonizing that he would end up with her after all…she is so slim, that horny bitch! Only 62 kilos! And I’ve been trying to lose the extra seven pounds from my big fat ass for so long with no avail…The trainer told me that for my height of 5’4”, I need to be only 58 kilos! Damn! You should have seen that bitch smirk when she heard that!
Anyways, that blue halter top that you purchased for me on amazon looks too good on me. I wore it yesterday to the workout and by the end of the session I saw him checking me out in the mirror, clandestinely of course.
And Di, I was so full of confidence yesterday, that I didn’t even give an inkling that I was so aware of him standing right next to me at the water kiosk. Gosh, I thought I’d die of holding my breath for so long while keeping my face utterly devoid of expression! Hehe!
And I had barely made it out of the center when he called out to me, by my name! I hadn’t even been sure that such a gorgeous guy was even aware of my existence, let alone know my name but then…he did! Di, can u imagine?!
And it was all such a blur...all I remember was that he looked so stunning in that fitted red tee and black slacks…wow Di, his aftershave smells so sexy, it’s totally divine! And he invited me over to Coffee day tomorrow at 7!
I can barely sleep now although it is well past midnight…Di...what do I wear tomorrow?
Shall I wear those blue jeans that Ma bought for us last Christmas? Or that green jumpsuit that makes me look taller? Or would the purple halter with the plunging neckline do? No...That would make me appear too desperate or something, right?
Uff, what the hell am I supposed to wear on my first dream date, Di?
Wish u were here now…I know that’s not possible… and that’s why I’m sending this long email…damn! Damn, I wish u were here now, so u could’ve helped me with my makeup and hair too…
I know, I know…I won’t over do my makeup bcz like u said, guys like natural beauty over made up brainless dolls. Hehe!
Anyways, I can go on forever as usual but I’ve got practicals at 8 tomorrow, so I’d better try to catch my forty winks of beauty sleep.
Lotsa love, Neha.
17th February, 2017. 10.08 PM.

Hi Di!
The date was amaaazing!
He got me my favourite pastry, yes, the choco-latte one and a cappuccino too! He complimented my purple jumpsuit too, said it looked so classy on me…Di…if there is a heaven on earth, it was at Coffee day for me yesterday!
He was so casual and comfortable, when I was such a nervous wreck! (Although I think I did a rather decent job of cool nonchalance, Di, I deserve an Oscar for that!)
And guess what? He even invited me over to his friend’s place on Saturday evening. His friend is leaving to the States and they are throwing a goodbye party for him. Ashish wants me to go with him…WOW.
I’m over the moon, Di, I really am!
I’m gonna go shopping and I’ll send all the pics of my purchases to you…You’ll help me choose the right outfit like u did the last time, won’t you?
Love u sis!
BFN, Neha.
2nd July, 2017. 1.12 AM.

Hi di!
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I’ve been unable to keep u updated of late…yeah I know you’re livid bcz I never called you, but I’ve been busy with special classes in college, Di..Sorry..I’ll call u tonite ..there is something I need to…discuss with you..
Ashish is …well..fine. You know, it’s hard to believe that it has been five months already since that day he asked me out to coffee day. 
I dunno di…things are not as they used to be initially…there is a nagging feeling at the pit of my tummy that something is really wrong Di..
I mean, he is generally attentive and sweet and charming and all that but, I dunno how to say this Di..
Well…u being my sis and all, I shdn’t be this shy, but Di, is it normal for a guy to not wanna kiss his gf even after so many months?
Di, doesn’t it mean that he probably likes someone else more than me?
Well, I'll call you tomorrow morning before college, okay? Or I’ll catch you on Skype too if u like..Please talk to me…I need to hear your it very cold there, where you are? I wonder…
Anyways will sleep now, Di. It’s very late.
28th August, 2017. 8.07 PM.

Di! Sorry I missed calling you for so long. Don’t worry okay
I m in my room, I was…well…I m sobbing so much that i cant talk to you or anyone else…
Di, I have been in such a shock all day that i can barely believe this is happening to me…its all so weird, really..
You remember how I’d told u last week that Ashish was avoiding me of late…well Di, ..I was sure that he has been seeing someone else behind my back. I suspected that bitch Rima, but then, my friend Vicky told me that Rima has been going steady with her old classmate from school...and yet, this nagging feeling that Ashish is hiding something from me wouldn’t go away..
And Di...I found out wat the hell was wrong. Last evening, in the gym.
I’d told him that I’d be missing the class bcz I had to complete my project, but then the last date for submission was postponed to next week, so I decided to go after all…
And guess what? He wasn’t there! I finished the session and was about to leave when there was a commotion at the end of the hall, where they have locker rooms for long term customers and I heard loud voices. I would have just left but I thought I heard his voice, in the melee...and of course legs went over to the locker room on their own accord.
And was awful…Ashish was…he was half naked and the gym personnel were man handling him, accusing him of inappropriate behaviour in a public place!
i was so utterly humiliated, di! I was sure he had been makingg out with that bitch Rima, so I pushed myself into the crowd and went right up to the entrancce of the locker room, to see who he’d bin caught with…and u know what made it worse?
28th August, 2017. 8.57 PM.

Sorry…I can’t stop crying…so many typos in my last mail ..i know u will understand what ive typed…but was so horrible…do u know who was caught with him in the locker room?  Our gym instructor Di!
No, not that hot female who comes only on weekends, but the other one…
Di, the other one…the guy. Yeah, that man, that tall 52 year old bodybuilder, whose daughter was my batch-mate in PUC tuitions, the wiry one who wore pigtails with red ribbons to class…u remember her don’t u? Her dad is the gym instructor for the morning aerobics batches at our gym.
Di…I still can’t believe it! I dunno what is worse, that he wasn’t cheating on me with another girl after all, or the fact that he was a gay, but chose to string me along just to show the world that he was like everyone else!
No wonder he didn’t wanna kiss me all those times when we were alone! I know u told me he shdn’t be chatting on his phone on our dates, but Di, u never guessed the truth, not even once, did you?
I can’t type any more. I’ll try not to cry myself to sleep. U always told me to be a brave and strong girl, didn’t you? I’ll try, Di.
16th January, 2018. 9.02 PM.

Di, it has now been a year since you died in that freak accident. I know that you have never read my e-mails nor called me all these months, bcz, well, you have been dead all this while.
But then, Di…who else do I have in the world to share my life with? Ma has barely remembered to call me in all these months. Her new husband is keeping her well and truly occupied, enough to make her forget her only daughter who is still alive. I don’t wanna go back home these hols, I’d rather stay at the hostel instead of having to put up with Ma and that man for a whole two months. I’ve already spoken to the hostel warden about it.
I thought I’d marry that rascal Ashish one day, but then you know how that fake relationship turned out.
Doesn’t matter Di, I’m not alone. I’ve got you, haven’t I?
I know, I know…people would call me a crazy nut, if they knew that I still talk to you, but Di, I Do, I really do! All I need to do is hold the phone to my ear and I hear your sweet voice, telling me what to do, what to wear, what to say to people…
And I open your pic on my lappy, you know, it’s the same one you sent to me on the day before your car crash. And your smile reminds me of the way you smiled at me & everyone else on Skype.
Haha! Didi. Who says that dead people cannot stay on in our lives? That is so silly.
Didi, you still live on in my life bcz I’m never gonna let u die…
I’ve got you, I’ll always do.
Just as you’ve got me too. Always and forever.
Anyways, the latest news is, there’s this new guy in the Commerce department…I’ll tell u all about him tomorrow on Skype, okay?
Bye Di!
Love u forever and ever,
Your sis,

 Note: The inconsistencies and typing errors in the write-up are deliberate, in keeping with the mindset of the protagonist. 

Picture credits: Google images.

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