Saturday 7 January 2017

The Blue Beauty

You shall remain unaware of my true hues,
if you don't get really close to me;
you only see my myriad shades & blues,
if you're patient enough, to just let me be.
                                                                - ©Chethana

It took me several days of umpteen futile chases around the garden and a humongous amount of patience, before I was finally able to capture a dragonfly. They are so full of life & vigour, it seemed an uphill, if not impossible task, to get within clicking distance of this elusive creature.

And then one day, I got really lucky. This guy decided to take pity on me and let me get numerous shots, from a mere few inches away. The result left me astounded by the sheer beauty of this amazing creature, when I got home and finally zoomed in to see the fruits of my labour.

Only the camera's eye can truly fathom & capture the intricate weave of design on the gossamer wings, the glossy shine of those tiny pair of eyes or the tilt of that cute little head, as the insect looks for prey. 

A rewarding click for a few hours of patient pursuit...

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